Shifting Brands into Gear


Q & A


01) When will you launch?

FreeBike Project will launch its first fleet in August for the Fall 2012 semester.

02) When can I order?

Now! The deadline for the Fall semester 2012 is May 1st.


03) Where can you deliver to?

We are currently focusing on major bike universities in California. However we can distribute bikes to any location within the United States.


04) What happens after one year?

Our marketing campaign lasts for the first full year. After this initial period, there will be an additional data analytics fee if desired (for continued interactive competitions or analytics support for that particular ad). However, the bike will always be the property of the student brand advocate, allowing your ad to remain on campus where it will continue to give the advertisement exposure to your target customers.

05) What are you doing to make sure the ads are safe?

The ad is placed on a metal plate welded on to the frame of the bike. It simply can't be taken off. This serves the purpose that they are easy to identify in case they get lost. Also students will pay a depositet and be required to provide locks. We ensure the advertisement period through check ups for the bikes.

06) How do the interactive QR codes work?

When students scan a QR code with their smart phone they will be able to view useful content, receive exclusive offers and participate in cool competions. Riders of the bikes will be in a special competition where the rider who gets the most scans wins. We keep track on how much traffic each ad generates and forward it to sponsors.



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