Shifting Brands into Gear




FreeBike Project introduces a truly revolutionary marketing concept designed specifically for companies targeting university students. Our concept builds upon two unique principles:


Bike Ads and Micro-sponsorships:

This principle involves companies being able to sponsor students with trendy bikes carrying an advertisement. As students ride the bikes on campus other students will notice these ads and remember them. The students riding the bikes will be happy to represent their sponsor and start a positive word of mouth since both parties benefit equally from this win-win situation.



This principle involves students being able to interact with ads using their smart phone. In the upper corner of each ad we will put a QR code. If students scan it they can receive exclusive offers, view special content or participate in monthly competitions for cool prizes. The students riding the bikes will receive prizes based on how many people scan their sponsor’s ad. We will measure how much traffic each ad generates and forward the statistics.


By applying these two principles and our social network we provide sponsors with valuable benefits.

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