Shifting Brands into Gear



Effectively reach students:

  • Get lasting exposure on university campuses where advertisement is very limited.
  • Let students who love your company represent it in a way no single marketing department can.


Build lasting relations:

  • Build strong connections with students through mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Build a foundation for sustained growth as students speak well of your company even many years after.

Become well known:

  • Hold competitions through our interactive scan system to make students look for your ads.
  • Establish a positive word of mouth to start a powerful ripple effect reaching even more students.


Why work with us: 

Compared to other campus advertising channels, we offer a more comprehensive and impactful, integrated marketing campaign. You will have strong on-campus presence, students marketing for you, and ads that actually catch the eye and motivate potential customers. 


Through the integration of QR codes and link analytics you will have access to relevant statistics and see the actual impact of your branded bikes. Also, rather than focusing your ad dollars on single campus events, your branded bikes will be riding around campus for as long as you'd like, without the need for brand ambassadors or staff.


The current generation of young people has been over exposed to advertising since birth. To get their attention it’s necessary to stand out. Who cares about flyers, t-shirts and mugs anymore? Our concept has never been applied before and will draw fresh attention from an old audience.

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