Shifting Brands into Gear

Q & A

01) Where can you deliver to?

We are currently only focusing on major colleges within California.

02) What is the length of a campaign?

Our marketing campaign lasts for a school semester (4 months). After this period the bikes will be re-collected for maintenance. 

03) What are you doing to make sure the ads are safe?

The ads are placed on a metal plate which is welded on to a bike frame. Students pay a deposit and are required to provide locks. Finally, we also make weekly checkups to ensure the bikes and ads are intact.

04) How can students engage with the FreeBike?

Through our FreeBike mobile application students participate in competitions to win prizes when uploading a photo of a FreeBike. This incentivizes students to take cool photos. The mobile application is connected to facebook, so sponsors can that see students are engaging with their bikes.


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Kim Sanderhoff
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