Shifting Brands into Gear


FreeBike Project introduces a green and innovative marketing solution tailored specifically for college campuses. Combining moving billboards with social media and social responsibility we represent the latest within guerilla and grassroots marketing.

We partner your brand with students by providing them with a bike showing your logo or brand. As students ride and park their bikes on campus your brand gets high traffic exposure. In addition students also share photos of the bikes online to help increase your social media presence as well.

At the end we donate another bike overseas to a child in need as celebration of the successful partnership.

Today's market

College students in the US are exposed to more than 500 ad impressions per day. Most of these are filtered out automatically since people have become less receptive towards traditional marketing due to its invasive nature and frequent occurrence. FreeBike Project offers companies a fresh and innovative marketing channel that enables your brand to reach and connect with the target audience on a new level.

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