Shifting Brands into Gear



How to win prizes

If you have a FreeBike, congratulations!! Not only are you now able to ride for free while helping a business and a child overseas, but also eligible to win cool prizes such as dinner gift cards and concert tickets. All you need to do is to submit a photo of your bike once per week. Every week we announce a specific theme that you must follow in order to be in the contest (for instance, "Super Hero" theme). The winner will be announced weekly on our facebook page.

How to take photos

It's super easy! Simply take the photos so that the brand on your bike is clear and visible. To add more personality and creativity to your photos you may also try out this:

  • Do an interesting pose (no reason to be formal all the time)
  • Shoot from a non-traditional angle (sometimes the world looks better upside down)
  • Use photo filters (this feature will be added soon to our app)

For examples click here.

How to submit photos

There are two ways to submit photos.

① Iphone users:

Simply use our FreeBike app to take and upload a photo of your FreeBike. The photo will be posted on your facebook and sent to our server automatically. You only need to login the first time you use the app. After that, the app remembers you; so it takes even less time to submit. You can find the app here.

② Android users:

We do currently not have an app supporting android. Simply take a photo of your bike with your smartphone and upload it to your facebook manually. Then send a copy to and put your name as the headline.



Theme 01: USC FIGHT ON!

Description: There's no better way to start a good semester than by doing USC's own Fight On pose! (Don't attempt the stunt)

Click here to see the winner and runner ups!


Description: Please, PLEASE!!! Do NOT attempt this stunt! Just be creative.


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