Bikes with brands - changing the future



Marketing with Heart

At FreeBike Project, we seek to challenge the status quo by introducing a marketing concept that creates value not only for the advertiser but the local and global society as well. We envision a future where brands partner with FreeBike Project for the best marketing ROI and to become part of a positive community of supporters and doers, who give back to sponsors by representing them in the best way.


One for One

Bikes for the World

We have partnered with Bikes For The World to provide transportation for young students living in remote villages overseas. In doing so, they will have a better access to water, food, medical treatment and education. For each succesfully sponsored bike we help to donate another bike to the Philippenes. We are dedicated to change the future one bike at a time.

Creating Inspiration

We seek to create a win-win situation for everyone directly supporting FreeBike Project. We also strive to inspire more students to proactively take part in creating a better global society. We do this by showing how FreeBike Project and students in the U.S. worktogether to support a global cause, and by sharing success stories from overseas.



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