Shifting Brands into Gear



Why campuses?

Tapping into the college campus market is a major yet affordable opportunity. Not only are college students spending large amounts in discretionary spending every month, they are also at the stage in their lives where they develop real preferences for products and brands. Furthermore, they are extremely social with the ability to influence and be influenced by others. If you win over one student you potentially win over his or her entire social network.

Update: According to studies (link) college students' descretionary spending will rise by 40% this year.

See our student promotion video by clicking here.

University of Southern California

The numbers and facts

  • 37.000 students and 18.000 faculty and staff members
  • Annual buying power of $450 million
  • Students' annual discretionary spending totals $130 million
  • USC is the largest private employer in Los Angeles


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